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Track Rentals
Arroyo Seco has set up our rental pricing to allow even small groups to get on the track. The following prices
are for the road course only. We do not rent our dragstrip as a standalone rental.
For all inquiries for the use
of our drag strip please call us.

By The Hour: By appointment only, it is possible to rent the track by the hour. Rate is $50 per vehicle, per
hour. Limit of 5 vehicles.
RENTAL TYPE                             Base Charge                                          Charge per Car

Full day/weekday                           $500.00                                                   $25.00
Half day/weekday                           $300.00                                                  $25.00
Full day/weekend                         $1,200.00                                                  $25.00
Half day/weekend                           $700.00                                                  $25.00

Exclusive Weekday Private Facility rental  $600.00 (includes use of classroom/VIP area)
Exclusive Weekend Private Facility Rental $1,000.00 (includes use of classroom/VIP area)

Drivers School/Driver Education $500.00                                                    $25.00

For rentals with more than 5 vehicles we require insurance, please Call for quote.
Full day/weekend      $750.00+$15.00 for each additional car