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We are the home track for ASMA Championship Roadracing and ASMA
Trackdays. ASMA Also runs trackdays each month, as well as
Advanced Riding Schools.

We have a 1.4 mile 12 turn roadcourse that can be run in either direction
with no runoff issues, making ASR one of the safest tracks in the
country while being extremely technical and challenging. In addition, a
few times a year we bring in national caliber riders to run race schools
at a reasonable price.
our motorcycle information is on that
boards at that site.
General Guidelines for motorcycle trackdays at ASR.

Motorcycle must be in good working condition. Tires must be in good shape, both front and rear brakes must work,
nuts and bolts must be tight. Also, we require lights, glass and mirrors be either removed or taped over.  As far as a
helmet in good condition, gloves, boots, and leathers (either 1 piece, or 2 piece leathers that zip together) We now
have several sets of loaner leathers and boots available!

Price for ASMA Trackdays in 2018 are $90.00 paid 7 days in advance or $110.00 the day of the meeting, with no
fee's.  All 2 day trackdays are $155.00 for both days paid 7 days in advance, or $165.00 the day of the event.

All 1/2 days are $65.00
ASMA Racing is available at every motorcycle event at Arroyo Seco. ASMA Racing is a vendor for
the following products.

Pirelli DOT and Slick Race Tires
Dunlop DOT and Slick Race Tires
Klucky Pucks
Chickenhawk Tire Warmers
Assorted Lubricants
Assorted nuts and bolts
Ferodo Brake Pads
Numbers and Backgrounds