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2012 Schedule

2 Day Advanced School
Feb 11-12
July 21-22
October 6-7

1 Day Level 1 School
April 8
May 27
July 22
Sept 2
Nov 24
for the street and the track, whichever your preference. There are many
opened in the past few years by National caliber racers who's focus is only
speed. It's our opinion that proper riding technique is more important for both
survival skills on the road and also translates to being a faster, safer rider

Our 1 day schools, which we call Level 1, teaches basic riding skills and
technique in real world conditions. By using our racetrack, it is possible to
develop abilities impossible in a parking lot or even on your favorite mountain
 What's covered:
       1. Riding gear and what it's for.
       2. Anatomy of a motorcycle, controls etc..
       3. Proper techniques for starting, stopping, and initiating corners.
       4. Defensive riding techniques and road hazards.

It is our opinion that our Level 1 School can make everyone a better, more
prepared rider on the street.

Our 2 Day Advanced School goes way beyond basic riding skills, with more
in depth discussion on riding techniques and motorcycle setup theory. Our 2
Day Advanced class has been the choice of racers in the Southwest for over
7 years to attain higher levels of knowledge and control. Since we use the full
track for this school, we also work on riding lines and how to determine the
best way around a corner.
Lead instructor Roger Heemsbergen has been riding motorcycles since the
age of 3 and racing for over 40 years on dirt and asphault. With 3 #1 plates,
over 20 regional championships and more race wins than he can remember,
Roger is considered one of the most sucessfull roadracers the Southwest has
ever produced. In addition, he has been a professional riding instructor for 11
years and knows how to help riders improve.
What's covered:
       1. Advanced control usage.
       2. Body position
       3. Riding lines.
       4. Bike setup and theory.
       5. Mental prepration.
       6. Lots of riding!

Personal instruction is also available during the week. Sometimes one on one
is easier for people to learn. Personal instruction is limited to

Personal Instruction                          

Please call to make a reservation.
Michelle (575) 494-4796